I observe everyday life on the streets desperately trying to find that one moment, hidden in the ordinary lapse of time, a moment that wants to stand out and tell you a story.

Chasing these moments gets even more difficult as a photograph doesn't have hundreds of pages or hours of film to walk you through a story. It has to catch it in a split of a second. The viewer decides what they see, what story it tells. Such story cannot be retold in a book or shown in a movie.

On the other hand, I don't need to go far for inspiration. Streets are full of people and people are full of emotions, expressions, conversations, adventures. They're all playing their small parts every day. And that's why they're playing a big part in my photography. I don't judge them, I respect my subjects, but I want to see and know more.

I'm out there to take a closer and more intimate look into their world, to listen to their tales. There is always someone's life story being told even when nobody's talking. I just need to concentrate and listen to what I see.

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